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Hargrave hit by widespread power failure

20 February 2022

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Power failure after storm Eunice !

The whole of Hargrave and some of the surrounding villages were hit by a power failure following storm Eunice that hit the UK on Friday 18th February.

The power failure was unusual as it resulted in a reduction in voltage from the normal 220 volts to around 75 - 80 volts rather than a complete disconnection.

Strangely this meant that some appliances still worked like modern TV sets, dimmable LED light bulbs and some very dim conventional light bulbs. Sadly it was not sufficient to power oil fired boilers or electric heating systems so the low temperatures were a problem.

At times like this, those in the village with gas cookers or fires had the advantage as they were still working.

There is still some more remedial work to be undertaken by UK Power Networks which may involve another interruption to our power supplies.