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Village Hall

The Village Hall has been the hub of the community for 95 years and has served the village well, hosting many landmark celebrations, jubilees and the famous Hargrave Summer Barbecues. Sadly the building is difficult to heat, is damp and is not quite large enough for some of the community activities that it could be used for.

Village Hall Community Action

In 2014 following a village review that had been taken in 2013, the village decided at the Annual Parish Meeting to try to put in place a Neighbourhood Plan. This proved to be a lengthy process and required a large amount of input from the villagers and the Parish Council. In the fullness of time our aim became reality and in 2018 after a village referendum the plan was 'MADE' and accepted by the then Borough Council. This now meant the village had greater say on planning issues and how we would like to improve the village through a series of Community Actions.

One of these actions was, 

"The Parish Council will seek to establish a Working Group to investigate opportunities for the improvement of the existing village hall or the possible construction of a new village hall for the village in full liaison with residents and the users of the existing facility." 

A Project Group has been setup and are investigating ways to achieve this objective.

See “Refurbishment Project” for up-to-date information on the progress of this project.