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Lottery - 100 Club

Join before 1st June 2023 to be included in the June 2023 draw!

Your Chance to win up to £250!

Our Village Lottery - 100 Club

Represents the ongoing fundraising effort to go towards the uplift of the Village Hall. To date, 12 draws have taken place with the next scheduled for June 2023.

Entries are always open, when you join you will automatically be included from the next draw onwards.

This is your chance to win up to £250 every 3 months in a village prize draw. You may well have heard or seen in the village newsletter of our intention to set up a village lottery – 100 club.

Our plan as a Village Hall Committee, alongside the Parish Council, is to either make substantial improvements to or completely upgrade the hall to enable us to provide a facility to meet modern needs and serve our community for at least a further 50 years. Our current hall was first built in 1926.

To do this we will need considerable funds and the intention is to raise these funds through grants. However, as well as demonstrating we have a structured plan we will have to show we are raising monies ourselves. One way we can do this on a regular basis is to run our own lottery.

We intend to hold a draw four times a year. This started in June 2020 and will be done every 3 months. The cost will be £13 per quarter, per person (equating to £1 per week), with draws in June, September, December and March. The draw will be open primarily to the residents of the village and friends or family from outside the village who are over the age of 16. You can have multiple participants from each household, indeed you can request multiple entries in the same name.

Provided we can attract 100 entries, we will have six prizes, with the first prize of £250 reducing down to £150, £100, £75, £50 and £25. This equates to paying back 50% of the funds received. Until we can get 100 participants the prizes will be reduced so that every draw we will still give in prizes 50% of the money taken in.

Thank you if you participate and GOOD LUCK.

Hargrave, Village Hall Committee.